WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
freeman tobacco vape juice comes in 120 ml bottles for cheap
tobacco flavored e-liquid
Freeman vape juice

Trail blazer

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Freeman Trail Blazer is the best tobacco vape juice flavor on either side of the Rockies. First, you start with the most authentic tobacco e-liquid flavor. Most tobacco flavors generally taste like some combination of feet and something burnt. Yah, not good. On the other hand, Freeman’s tobacco flavor is inspired by freshly dried tobacco leaves. Nothing burnt. Just fresh, earthy tobacco. That’s where we started but not where we ended up. To craft the best tobacco vape juice flavor, we knew it would require some conventions to be ignored. We added peanut butter and butterscotch flavor to compliment the earthy tobacco flavor tones. Trailblazer is for tobacco lovers looking to forge a new path. Very authentic, earthy complimented by a nutty density, and perfectly accented with a touch of butterscotch. Harmonious. 

All our products are made in  sunny  California, using U.S sourced ingredients, in an ISO-8 certified lab, with PHD degree chemists and 3rd party tested for consistency. 

We  love  BIG  flavor  and  we  love  big  bottles.  We  also  love  giving  it to  you  at  better-than-retail  prices  

This  premium  E  Juice  is  all  high-VG  vape  juice  designed  for  high-performance  vaping  in  sub  ohm  tanks  and  rebuildable  atomizers.   

We’ve  also  got  ALL  the  main  flavor  categories  covered  too as well as Nic salts and new exciting flavors every month. 


We offer FREE USPS TRACKED PRIORITY SHIPPING with every order above $30, we ship from California U.SA from our warehouse. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 97 reviews
I love it

I have had a lot of trouble finding something similar to mild cigars and this is the closest flavor I have found. Everything else as the description states taste like a harsh burnt tobacco. Hoping to be able to purchase in bulk in the future. Though I can not say I’m a fan of the glass dropper.


Great taste. This is a great product...

Great product, great customer service!

Love the product, and I am a very satisfied and soon to be returning customer.


Great Clouds and Lots of Flavor

This juice is delicious and produces some nice clouds.
I highly recommend it

Awesome Juice

Great price for a bottle like that super fast delivery. It taste great too. We got a few other flavors to try as well. Really like the red district. That tobacco caramel is my everyday though! Thanx

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