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maximum overdrive.
Izmir Jackson

All the vape juices iv gotten have been on point and arrive faster than expected. This is the #1 place for vape juices and the only place I buy mine. Keep up the good work. Y'all are on point.☝️🙂

sandi price
Gotta Have it!

My go to menthol flavor ejuice. I actually mix this with Menthol Breeze For a awesome minty taste that I can’t find anywhere else. To me it creates a perfect balance of menthol flavor.

Banana chase
Banana chase.

I really like this flavor. I haven't alot of juice flavors, but this is one of the best I've tried so far.

Ruths Loot
Samantha Zera
Very good.

I really like this juice. It tastes like chocolate milk to me.
It's so good!

Menthol Breeze
sandi price

My absolute favorite menthol e-juice. I’ve tried many but this tops them all with that crisp fresh taste. Love it!

Cool Strawberry - SiMPLE Sticks Disposable Pod 50mg
Deena Shipman

Great product!

Triple Nickel
Cornelia Hebert
Not Triple Nickel

Today, May 3rd. I opened the Tripel Nickel e juice i purchased from you. This Juice is certainly NOT Tripple Nickel. Those two bottles i purchased are clearly mislabeled! It has a very distinctive Cinnamon Smell and the liquid has a dark color. I have a life threatening Allergie to Cinnamon, and have to throw that Juice away, since your online Store seems to be closed!

It is very smooth and enjoyable..

Awesome very satisfied with them.

Trail blazer
Nancy Calabrese
Disappointed….but it’s my own fault

This is the first time I have ordered from you. But I have to tell you……the juice I ordered……I HATE it!!! It honestly almost made me sick. I have been vaping for 8 years and I have always ordered from Apollo and I’ve always used RY4 because it was like smoking a cigarette. I don’t see where they offer that anymore so that’s why I tried you guys. I thought the one I ordered sounded most like the RY4 but I was sadly mistaken. Now I’m taking totally responsibility for my mistake. I should have ordered the smallest one so I wouldn’t be out so much money (I live on social security so I have to be careful). So I’ll ask you…..what do you have that’s like the RY4 that I might try. I hope you can help.

Great for when juice is only stocked in 3mg!

I love this stuff and it's becoming more handy since most stores are either not carrying higher nic levels or they run out... or if you just need that extra kick some times 😂

Greg Fischer
1885 - Excellent rjuive

Must buy - must have. Top notch

Heather Sonnier
Lovely taste 👌🔥😍

I loved the taste of it so much I really like it cause it was 💯👌🔥 like red hots but it was a little bit to much for my throat a little bit harsh when it hits my throat other then that the taste was 💯👌 🔥😍 red hots 🌡️🔥💯ummmmmmy 👍💘💢💥🍬🌋🔥

Buena Vista
Shannon ONeill
Buena Vista

I recently started vaping to stop smoking cigarettes. Since I needed the nicotine strength, I've been vaping nic salts and this is one of my first flavors, and it didn't disappoint that's for sure! It's well blended, delicious flavor that I highly recommend to give a try for yourself! I am also extremely pleased with my entire purchase from the Vapebeat store, as ordering was a breeze and delivery was insanely fast! Definitely ordering this flavor and from this site again really soon!

Strawb lights
Dawn Tarrant
Great flavor

It’s all about flavor for me and I loved the strawberry lights

Mango Frezze - SiMPLE Sticks Disposable Pod 50mg

Lasted a while. Good flavor, good value.

Sent wrong product

I did not receive what I ordered. I emailed 3 times over 2 weeks and no response.
Then I am asked to give a review. As all shipping ends in April, order at your own risk

Better than expected!

I was concerned, as I don’t typically go for the syrupy vapes. However, the tobacco part caught my attention. Overall, I enjoyed this. The syrupy/peanut butter wasn’t overpowering and it is as close as I can get to tobacco flavored vape juice without breaking the bank. Great value!

Rick Delaney
Not so vanilla

I am a big fan of vanilla vape juice flavors, but this one provided very little of it. Disappointed.

Anthony Williams



Every vaper should try this and realize that all juices really are not created equally. I feel I have had many good ones in my experience, but never had one that didn't depend heavily on flavoring to express it. You really owe it to yourself to try, it has a light fruity rich cream aroma and mild taste that complements without ever even a hint of bitterness or after taste. Your coils will thank you, try it or any Freeman Vape juice, a lot of care has gone into it and it shows!

Trail blazer
Richard Webster
Ry 4

Very tasty, smooth hi, rich and flavor

Trail blazer
William Hardin
Great Value

This juice was a little too sweet for my taste but the price was great. I actually preferred the Apollo Simply Tabaco then best. Only downside is it took about two weeks for my order to get to me which I consider unacceptable.

Cherry Express
randy l.

maybe it was the type of device used, but rather eeehh.

Jungle King is King

love the strawberry flavor and a nice hint of bananas. I don't get so much of the kiwi but could be my tank, However this juice is very refreshing!

Ruths Loot
marion brantley
very nice

nice all day vape

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