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very nice

nice all day vape

I’ll let you know after I order the second one!! I lost the first order

Strawb Lights taste so good🤗

It taste like Christmas in your mouth. Don’t hesitate the flavor is good.

Very Good Flavor

The Vanilla Cream has a very good flavor and is nice and smooth.

Insane price

This was the best deal I have yet to receive from any vape store and the products were awesome. I am not kidding when I tell you I had 4 30mil bottles of .3 nic juice that was great to begin with, but delivered the total cost was 45 cents. I couldn’t believe it. To top it if it was quality juice and delivered fast.

Triple Nickel

Love the menthol!

Fast delivery! Great prices

Good Business

Good place and good product. Will buy again


I ended up doing the introductionary but 5 deal, I’m always interested in sweet tobacco flavors so I ended up getting two of trail blazer, was NOT upset at how good the flavor was. It reminded me more of a coffee creamer as opposed to butterscotch? Maybe my taste buds just aren’t as cultured yet. I bought an Icebound, very menthol-y with a berry exhale. Super smooth. Buccaneer was super pineapple-y and really good. Not sure I’d hit it all the time, but it was a nice change of pace from my typical daily hitter. Now last but not least, the Blue Collar. Wow. I literally said “WOAH” as soon as I took my first hit. It was such a delicious hit. If anyone is a fan of the blue jolly rancher, this is it. I’ve never had a vape that tastes EXACTLY like a certain candy. Close, but never exactly. This took the cake on my favorite juice from the first 5 I’ve bought. Needless to say, I’ll be buying more. Thanks for the delicious flavors and the extremely quick shipping. I made my order on July 1 and got it today, July 3. 10/10 will be buying again. 5 stars. 2 thumbs up.

Vanilla Cream

Tobacco Menthol salt

Fantastic Tabacco base with delicious flavors

I usually stick with plain tabacco flavors but I had stumbled across a review about someone who loved peanut butter, tried Trailblazer, and loved it. I love my peanut butter too so I did a search, found it and tried it out for myself. I truly enjoy this liquid, I have a few different devices ranging from small portable pods to high wattage box mods and I have tried this liquid in a number of them and it has always been good for me. Honestly it seems to have gotten even better after a couple weeks and I had already thoroughly enjoyed it the second I got it so that was a nice little bonus. I will continue to vape this flavor and with that deal for 5 30ml bottles for 9 cents each I grabbed a variety and haven't had a bad experience yet so not only do I highly recommend getting Trail Blazer but grab up whatever flavors might sound good to you and give it a try yourself, you won't be disappointed. In my opinion the quality, quantity, and price are all top notch so I will be definitely be buying liquids from here often.


This is great, very smooth and not harsh at all this along with Trail Blazer are my ADV

Quality juice

Tastes just like they say it does but i like my juice a little sweeter


If you love a sweet vape taste this is the one to get your hands on brother

Great assortment

I just started vaping with a bigger model from refillable pods and wasn't sure how I'd like it or what kind of juice. I tried this after buying a couple from a store and hating them. These tasted GREAT I still have 3 I haven't got to try yet. My Favorite was the Banana Chase/ Cococain/ Red District, my boyfriend loved the Cherry Express and Blue Collar the most. This was a Great choice to see what kind of flavors I liked for a great price.


Very good taste ... favorite!

FM - 50 Pack (3 layers)
Fast shipping, great service!

These masks ( or any masks) have been hard to find in these times. Glad you guys had them for my work crew to stay safe. Many thanks!

Didn’t taste anything like the description

Good juice.

It’s a good juice. Great flavor and vapor. Just tasted a bit thick compared to other juices. Kinda like the difference between a soda and a milk shake.

Wondermelon Berry Sour

I've been ordering from VapeBeat since about September of last year and will continue to do so. The Wondermelon Berry Sour is a good juice. It's the only salt nic that comes close to what I'm use to vaping. I like the fruity flavor just wish the fruit flavor of it was stronger. I still give it a 5 star.

FM - 20 Pack (3 layers)

Good product as described. Good communication through out.

Awesome deal

I got an amazing deal 2 weeks ago and all the juices are great!!!

Minted...choc chip milkshake!

I have not found anything even close ANYWHERE else! Very "Golden Arch" authentic taste! No artificial taste here! IMO... the BEST flavor I've tried hands down in over 3 yrs of experimenting with about every flavor profile you can think of! And it DOESN'T clog up coils!

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